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Manchester is found in the North West of England east of the nearby city of Liverpool and north of the Cheshire Plain. To the north and east of Manchester are the Pennines, a low rising mountain range often referred to as "the backbone of England".

Although the history of Manchester can be traced back to the building of the Roman fort of Mamucium, around 79 AD, by 1750 it was little more than a small village. Over the next one hundred years, during the Industrial Revolution, the city grew enormously. Spurned by the rapid growth of the textile industry the city's population grew into the world's first industrialised city (being granted city status in 1853). The textile industry was so large that the city gained the nickname of "Cottonopolis".

Manchester Sport

Manchester offers wonderful opportunities for anyone who wants to watch first-class sports, as well as those who want to participate in their favourite activities.

Manchester Festivals

Whatever the time of year, Manchester is buzzing with activity, including festivals.

About Manchester

Manchester in the north of England is often regarded as England 's second city. A claim contested by Birmingham! A vibrant community of seven million people live in the Manchester area including students and ...

Manchester History

Manchester was a Roman city and called Mamucium in 79AD. The Romans stayed for three centuries until they left Britain in 410AD. Manchester is mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086 and recorded as an ...

Manchester Environment

Manchester is built on a flat plain 35 miles from the coast on the west side of the Pennines .