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Cow Parade

CowParade is an international public art exhibit that has been featured in major world cities. Fiberglass sculptures of cows are decorated by local artists, and distributed over the city centre, in public ...

Triangle Shopping Centre & Big Wheel Manchester

The Triangle is a grade II listed building in Manchester, England. The building was originally used as a corn exchange and was previously named the Corn & Produce Exchange. Following the IRA bomb in 1996 ...

Market Street

Market Street is one of the principal retail streets in Manchester, England. It runs from its junction with Piccadilly and Mosley Street, close to Piccadilly Gardens, in the east to where it meets St. Mary's ...

Urbis Museum

Urbis is an exhibition centre located in central Manchester, England. From 2002 to 2010, the centre hosted changing exhibits on popular culture topics including urban living, art, music, fashion, photography ...

The Working Class Movement Library

The library houses the national collection of the history of the British and Irish radical movement from the 1790's

Rochdale Pioneers Museum

The site of the first working cooperative in the world and explains how the cooperative movement works

People's History Museum

Explains the story of the working class and the political struggles they endured

Pankhurst Centre

The birthplace of the Suffragette movement is now the Pankhurst Centre, a women’s community centre. This historically significant building was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and family who led the ...

John Ryland's Library

The John Rylands Library is a Victorian Gothic building on Deansgate in Manchester, England. The library, which opened to the public in 1900, was founded by Mrs Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in memory of her ...

St Mary's Roman Catholic Church

Founded in 1794 “The Hidden Gem” has an ornate 19 th Century interior and the modern Norman Adam's work the “Stations of the Cross”
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