Manchester Food

Manchester food offers an experience of gastronomical delight, reflecting a unique fusion of tradition and modern culinary skills. Manchester is a place rich with endless local specialties. Starting from Eccles' puff pastry and currant cake to Bury's famous Black Pudding and the Wigan's Uncle Joes mint balls to Manchester's fruity Vimto drink, the city of Manchester boasts of innumerable local delicacies. The city assures a wide assortment of appetizing dishes to every visitor. The traditional recipes of this city are sure to tickle the taste buds of every visitor, with their spicy and lip smacking taste.

Bakewell Tart
It is cooked by blending an egg mixture with a jam base positioned in a thin pastry case; thus shaping it in a flat tart.

Blackpool Rock
A caramelized sugar slightly minted, baked and rolled into long lengths. These rolls are cut into 30 cm pieces with letterings like 'Blackpool Rock' or ‘Rhyl Rock' running all across its body. This dish is especially popular among the young children.

Barm Cakes
It’s a form of bread roll or bap made of whole meal flour. This dish is also called 'flour cakes' as they are soft and supple, with a potholed texture.

Cheshire Cheese
Cheshire is Britain's oldest branded cheese and the dish is flaky and nutty cheese, originally prepared in Chester, but now available throughout the county of Manchester.

Bury Black Pudding
This dish is made from frozen pig's blood and oatmeal. Bury is the brand that produces the most famous Black Pudding with its traditional methods of cooking.

Cheshire Pork Pie
This dish originated during the mid-18th century and is made of pork loin pieces, seasoned with nutmeg and pepper and sweetened with sugar. White wine and butter were then added in liberal quantities and the whole mixture cooked in pastry.

Chester Pudding
It is a steamed suet pudding with the additional blackcurrant jam.

 Everton Mints
These mint pieces carry a sweet toffee flavored with a taste of lemon.

Eccles Cakes
It is one of the most famous delicacies of the region, often called "sweet patties”. The ingredients of these cakes include lustrous topped, crumbling pastry, stuffed with dried fruits, sugar and spice. Chorley Cakes are similarly prepared, bur they are larger and flatter in size.

Cumberland Sausages
It is a long, spicy and irregularly chopped coiled pork sausage. They are traditionally according to its length rather than weight. Some of these sausages can be over a meter long.

This popular beverage is prepared with a blend of fruit, spices and herbs. Originally it was called a "Vim Tonic". It is one of the most popular drinks across the country. Vimto is sold in red, white and blue striped cans.
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