Manchester Pudding

The term "Manchester Pudding" is sometimes used as an alternative name for Queen of Puddings; other times, it is used to mean the same thing as Manchester Tart.

In its own right, though, it is a sweet bread pudding baked in a pastry-lined dish.

The pudding part is made from breadcrumbs mixed with milk, egg, butter and sugar.

The baking dish is lined with pie crust or puff pastry, and over which a layer of jam is spread, then the breadcrumb mixture is poured over, and it is baked.

When it is done, beaten egg white is spread on top, then the pudding is put back in oven to brown.

Alternatively, the top might have been covered with sweetened whipped cream, or just with sprinkled sugar, for serving.

This is very similar to Manchester Tart, but Manchester Tart uses a custard filling.
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