Manchester trams

There was a day when trams dominated the streets of every major European city. Since the turn of the 20th century, though, this particular transit system fell into a steady decline, as other modes of people transportation, such as cars and underground rail systems, gradually became more popular. Nowadays, trams, or more fashionably (and probably more accurately) light rail cars, are experiencing something of a renaissance, and Manchester is no exception.

Manchester Metrolink’s first line opened in 1992, and has steadily expanded ever since. 20 million passengers a year now ride its twenty-three miles of line, which radiate from Manchester city centre and service the outlying towns of Bury, Altrincham and Eccles. The tram lines have yet to reach Manchester International Airport, however, though plans are in place to furnish this route. Prices are reasonable, with day tickets allowing unlimited travel costing only a few pounds.

Many of the attractions and places of interest in Manchester are accessible via the Metrolink system. Some interesting features, such as The Quays, which includes Old Trafford (the home ground of Manchester United, one of the most successful football teams in the world) and the famous Bury market require some form of transport to get to, and they don’t come much cheaper or convenient than the Manchester tram system. Most of the other tourist hotspots are in the central part of the city and are quite accessible by foot. Bicycles are not allowed on the trams.

The trams run from the early hours of the morning, usually just before 6am, until usually just before midnight. Frequency depends on the line, but are often only about 6 minutes apart, and rarely more than 12, even on Sundays and national holidays.

For a taste of old-style travel through a modern city in a modern conveyance, you need look no further than the Manchester Metrolink!

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